Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Natives of Twilight Zone planet Nauseam 11

The following conversation might easily have taken place between Captain James T. Kirk and Spock of the gallant Star Ship US "Enterprise":

- Captain Kirk: "Spock, what's your idea of Twilight Zone planet Nauseam 11 on which we just crash landed? The natives seem kind of agitated, psychologically inbalanced and not a little anti-human."

Spock: "I find the capacity to reason and logic of these carbon-based units inadequate. I would suggest to get out of here by means of an emergency degravitation operation. Put your levitation boots on, Sir, and hold tight!"

Some specific tribe of carbon-based units called The Troofers are so bent on deluding themselves of the truth of their own self-devised universes, that they decline to accept real reality, even if it comes to them from the horse's own mouth (so to speak).

Sit tight and watch in awe the following footage, plucked from a blog called Planet Grenada, which in the unabridged version is subtitled as follows:

"Islam is at the heart of an emerging global anti-hegemonic culture, which post-colonial critic Robert Young would say incarnates a "tricontinental counter-modernity" that combines diasporic and local cultural elements, and blends Arab, Islamic, black and Hispanic factors to generate "a revolutionary
black, Asian and Hispanic globalization, with its own dynamic counter-modernity ... constructed in order to fight global imperialism."
The Marxist dialectic is alive and kicking in the year 2008! It provides us with another piece of jaw-dropping media footage: an interview during which "Al Qaeda operative", Omar Al Farouq is vainly confronting Troofer and author William Gerard of the pamplet "The Truth About September 11", with the terrible injustice done to them.

Just as you've spent months, living in caves under rocks and rubble, to think up "SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL", some darned Troofer comes along, stealing the glory away from you, heaping it on the already heavily laden consciences of the neo colonial capitalist fascist trinity BusHitlerCheney!!! The dmnd cheek!

Can anybody please tell me what planet we've landed on since the onset of the new millennium...? (If the thingie fails, here's a link to the vid collection.) In all the spychopathological bloody-mindedness one would almost forget that 3,000 souls have lost their lives on 9/11.

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Abdul-Halim V. said...

I would definitely call myself left-of-center but I'm also definitely not a Marxist. Secondly, you know the interview with Omar Al Farouq was a spoof from The Onion, right?

Cassandra said...

Dear Abdul,
Thanks for the comments. No I did not know this was spoof, but it makes no difference to the argument. AQ have claimed responsibility for 9/11 more frequently than I care to know.
Re Marxist dialectic: this is not always acted out consciously. The adversarial approach in terms of a perceived bi-polar struggle is second nature to entire hords of people.
Thanks for passing by.

Abdul-Halim V. said...


Hmmm, so what is wrong with dialectics in the broad sense in 2008?

And what exactly is the argument you were trying to make which doesn't depend on whether the interview was real or not?

Cassandra said...

Dear Abdel, the dialectical approach - apart from being highky artificial - pits two 'varieties' of humanity against each other in a self-perpetuating, ceaseless struggle that has no end. It has never been proven to be accurate or a better means to truth than any other method. A co-author here is working on an essay for alternative, but it is not yet ready for publication. When it is you will be able to access it through the Articles file "The Dystopia of Paradise" (

"And what exactly is the argument you were trying to make which doesn't depend on whether the interview was real or not?"

I repeat: AQ themselves have claimed responsibility for 9/11 on a number of occassions. Why should we not believe them? They are hirabahists, but not liers.


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