Friday, March 14, 2008

A Tragedy Waiting to Happen

For some time now I've been pondering how to inject a word of caution into the Counter-Jihad blegosphere over the manner and intensity with which concerns and calls to resistance are being voiced. Some posts, or even entire blogs, give rise to serious anxiety over the author's well-being.

Having been out of the loop for some weeks due to a technical glitch, the news of the suicide of Ronbo only reached these pages yesterday while making the rounds. This may be just as well for what I am about to say. It is clear that Ronbo was plagued by more than just the current set of geopolitical intricacies, serious as they may be. In fact, Right Wing News has information today that throws another light on events altogether. Still, it will serve for the purpose.

A message of caution seldom reaches the ones that need it most. Nevertheless I'd like to share this personal story. A few years back I thought myself justified in my suspicions that great harm had been done by someone to somebody close to me, who I'd loved and since had passed away. In fact, I was livid to the point of murder! Until one silent night a glass plateau carrying crystal knickknacks came crashing down to earth. Taking the irrational approach I took the occurrence as a message from beyond, warning me of the error of my ways. This was in all probability my own subconscious at work.

We are warned by Christianity, borne out by more recent insights into psychology, that cultivating hatred and seeking revenge in a sin, for good reason. It is a boomerang, which is not directed against the party it is intended for, but that will turn against the person from whom it emanates. In the end - with the equal potency with which it is energised - it has the capability to destroy us.

While we are in an existential struggle with the forces of darkness with at stake, nothing less than two and a half millennia worth of civilization, we cannot allow our emotions to turn against us. Yes, we are dealing with bloodthirsty pocket tyrants who are themselves the victims of their own feelings in a similar manner. This will guarantee their undoing.

Western civilization has the advantage of Judeo-Christian tradition which has helped us in the past to muster the courage and wisdom we need to survive the onslaughts of totalitarian tyrants. It is our ligament, and our common strength. We should be realistic and deal with the problems as best and vigilant as we can. But we need to put some distance between our enemies and the emotions that drive us: they energize us, but we cannot allow them to take over and rule our lives and decisions.

Let's strengthen our resolve to stand up to the tyrants and - foremost - to their pomo surrender facilitators, the traitors in our midst - so that we may pass on our highest values to the next generation, enabling them in turn to pursue happiness in liberty and in peace.

For Ronbo, a Freedom Fighter: “Live for nothing or die for something. Your call.”

More information at Gates of Vienna, My Flanders Fields and latest: Right Wing News.

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Anonymous said...


I, too, have some reservation about the event for various reasons. I suspect that we will learn more as time goes on.

I just got out of the hospital yesterday, so I will take a break and be back in touch with you later. It was good to hear from you.


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