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Progress Report (3): the Assault on the Rule of Law

Continued from Part 2: "Plugging the Holes Against Reality"

Politicians enforce the idea on entire societies that lumping innocent Muslims with their co-religionist terrorist counterparts is unfair. At this point the reasoning is reversed and the terrorists are collated with the innocent. This has four dire consequences: 1. a moral choice between the innocent and the terrorists is abdicated; 2. the terrorists get a free pass; 3. the innocent, thus lumped with the radicals, remain unsupported and have no other option than to submit to their will; 4. Westerners, defending the values of liberal democracy against Sharia type onslaughts and subjective, Muslim demands of religion based privileges are increasingly harassed by radicals in any available manner: cyber and legal jihad (frivolous lawsuits), after which they can get beaten up by the new stormtroopers. On top of that they are actively criminalised through legislation.

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They are thus caught between a rock and a hard place. They might seek protection from the radicals, making appeals at the official channels for security. But what, if those are concurrently threatening to clasp counter jihad bloggers in irons? (Read the continuing story of Lionheart.) What, if the political and legislative branches of said officialdom are responsible for a home grown branch of Al Qaeda taking hold on European soil? From the looks of it, far from conducting a war on terrorists, Europe for one, has unleashed a wave of repression on their critics!

Dr Darko Trifunovic from the Faculty of Security Studies at the University of Belgrade is delving deeper and deeper into the origins, ambitions and operating methods of what he terms "White Al Qaeda". The involvement of Wahhabi and Iranian 'volunteers' during the disintegration wars of the former Yugoslavia, has been well established.

A source beyond suspicion (if that is possible, given the prevailing puritan trend) is former journalist, and present Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism (no, not an oxymoron apparently) Stephen Schwartz. He recently published a fierce plea for Kosovo independence in "Keeping Moscow at Bay - In Kosovo" on Pajamas Media. (Also by Schwarz: "The Failure of Europe in Bosnia, And the continuing infiltration of Islamic extremists", The Weekly Standard on 20th June 2005).

In an earlier article, "Wahhabism and al-Qaeda in Bosnia-Herzegovina" published on the site of the Jamestown Foundation (Global Terrorism Analysis) in 2004, Schwartz in some detail provides a description of the situation there, and concedes that ...

"(...) Saudis and Wahhabis (...) flooded into Sarajevo after Dayton. The Saudi High Commission for Relief (...) occupied a major structure in the town (...) Wahhabi missionaries spread throughout the Muslim zone (...) In the aftermath of September 11, two major events occurred (...) officers raided the offices of the Saudi High Commission for Relief (...). Documents seized by the Sarajevo authorities provided a fascinating insight into the scope and actions of the Saudi-backed Wahhabi jihad in the Balkans during the previous decade; the materials included the "Golden Chain" roster of original financiers of bin Laden's operations. Then, early in 2002 a group of six Algerians were arrested and deported to Guantanamo at the instance of the U.S. Embassy. Most of them had held Bosnian citizenship (...)."

Also holding Bosnian citizenship was Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, former 'Operations Chief' of Al Qaeda and Bosnian war veteran. According to a post on the Terror Finance Blog submitted on behalf of Dr Darko Trifunovic, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed took over the leadership of the Al Qaeda media campaign ('the Committee') during the planning of the 9/11 attacks, starting around 1999.

According to Trifunovic Interpol in Wiesbaden, Germany "sent a request to the Bosnian authorities on 18 September 2001 to verify the identity of a certain Mr. Atta, who according to their information used to reside in the hamlet of Bakotić, 8 km outside Maglaj, in 1999." Evidently, Mohammed Atta had been residing in Bosnia prior heading for Hamburg, his launchpad for the US and his fatal mission.

On 12th October last year in our exclusive "The Clinton Legacy" on the presentation of Chris Deliso's book "The Coming Balkan Caliphate", we reported on the public secret that during the 1990 Yugoslav conflict, the Western powers conspired to allow Muslim Afghan war veterans to enter the territory, as an easy way to counter the Serb attempts to keep the federation of Yugoslavia together while countering internal Muslim harassment of local Christian populations. At the time the situation was said to be fluid.

Deliso also asserted direct links between Islamic radicals who were imported into Bosnia as a consequence of said Western policy, and the attacks of 9/11, the Madrid train bombings and the London attacks. We hardly need to be reminded that another Bosnian connection recently came to the fore, the foiled attempt on US Fort Dix, followed up by the scantly publicised matter of a Bosnian arrested in Vienna, Austria for a thwarted attack on the US Embassy in that city.

With the knowledge of the UN interim governors in Kosovo Albanian-American radicals were actively recruiting terrorists for 'the war against America' prior to the 9/11 attack, of which they had foreknowledge. The UN did nothing.

To paraphrase aforementioned Stephen Schwartz, Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, "a vast quantity of ink has been expended" on the subject of Islamist involvement and its expansion within Bosnia, Kosovo and elsewhere in the Balkans. That the campaign of intimidation and harassment didn't stop there is evidenced by reports that counter terrorist experts say to be the subject of cyber attacks by an Al Qaeda related organization. OSINT Analyst Ioannis Michaletos, like Dr Trifunovic associated with the Athens based Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), specifically mentions a Sarajevo based organization, the AIO (Aktivna Islamska Omladina) [1], who have targeted Trifunovic as well.

- Caption: Maps courtisy FAOA -

FAOA posits that "Its Islamic weekly magazine SAFF [2] and organization's website, have been fronts of radical Islamic preaching, gaining notoriety for publishing interviews with terrorists who have fought against US forces in Iraq and expressing solidarity with the jihadists and suicide bombers in Israel." FAOA also links the AIO with members throughout the Bosniak diaspora in Europe and the US.

One such is the CNAB, claiming to represent some 350.000 Bosniak refugees in the US and Canada. Trifunovic qualifies them as a new jihadi organization. He specifies four members in particular, who are one way or another involved in Islamist activities. Terror Finance Blog in " Attacks on Darko Trifunovic" has the specifics.

Reading the accusations directed at Trifunovic, what stands out is that for the most part, these are formulated in non-existent legalistic terms. I do reserve some sympathies with the families and survivors of the sacking of Srebrenica, after the supposed neutrality of the safe haven proved to be vacuous. But the accusations of hate monger, persistent enemy, culturocide, ecocide, ethnocide, urbicide and elitocide are beyond sobriety?

More serious however are the frequent references to Srebrenica denial, equated with Holocaust denial. It is our understanding that Trifunovic, far from denying the events at Srebrenica, has been conducting further research into the matter. His scientific findings may evidently differ from the present official rendition. Research is an ongoing process. Even now archaeologists are delving into ancient digs to unearth evidence that may provide a new perspective on one historical event or other. The right of scientific enquiry is a precious principle, not to be jeopardized by frivolous lawsuits!

The recent legislation of postmodern surrogate morality, as laid down in laws such as these - criminalising subjective emotions as Islamophobia, hate en war-mongering, etc. etc. - will be a fine job for the Courts to disentangle in the coming years. Given the Latvian requests to include Stalinist genocide in the law have stranded on the criterion of the racist principle, one wonders how exactly the religion related outlawing of Islamophobia will fare. And will the emotion squad be preferable to the thought police?

In the US and elsewhere the legal systems are currently clogging up with frivolous lawsuits, one infamous case being one brought on by three of Canada's many human rights commissions against Mark Steyn for a sentence in his book "America Alone". In a rebuttal in the Calgary Herald Steyn explains that in the fateful sentence "The number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes" he was actually quoting a prominent Scandinavian Muslim, Mullah Krekar, who had it that Muslims were changing Europe, Western women producing only an average of 1.4 children against Muslimas 3.5.

To bring on a lawsuit on such a basis is careless to say they least. That's the result if money is no object, as in the case of the publicly funded human rights commissions. That frivolous cases are financed by Saudi (and other) sources reveals their secondary purpose: if the case is won, the advantage is favourable jurisprudence; if lost, the sued party is intimidated and diverted, and may hence serve as a reminder to others like him.

Totally beyond the order are the practices of witch hunter Dr. Richard Johnstone, lawyer by occupation, human rights activist by nature. His list of signatories led by a few stooges, is for the remainder made up by politically and perhaps even racially motivated Bosniaks headed by Muhamed Sacirbey, freshly out of jail after a hat trick gone awry. Johnstone proves beyond reasonable doubt that the 'human rights' movement has now firmly passed out of the realm of fake idealism, into the disconsolate depths where nihilism de-masks and hopes to die: "All hope abandon, ye who enter here!"

- Caption: map of Dante's Hell by Barry Moser, c.1980, from Mandelbaum's translation -

Returning for a moment to the Trifunovic case, it is remarkable that until he was invited to sit as a public speaker on one of the forum debates during the upcoming 11th European Police Congress to be held on 29-30th of January in Berlin, he was able to do his research work from the University of Belgrade's ivory tower, in reasonable tranquility. The moment however that the opportunity arose to discuss his findings in public, spanners were thrown into the works to prevent it. Not only is he under cyber attack and legal intimidation, requests have also been directed at European Commission members, discrediting him as a person and as a scholar with the object of getting him banned from said convention.

Apart from the personal injury done here to Trifunovic himself, the public damage is two-fold: researchers are being harassed to prevent them from doing their jobs, thus interfering with the right of enquiry. The consequences of such actions on the academic level could well be considerable. The second part is even worse: the intimidation of officials conducting criminal enquiries, undercutting of the rule of law, leading ultimately to mob rule.

On the political level, the West is working hard to provide expanding Islamism with a state in the heart of Europe, smack in the middle of the traditional powder-keg - the Balkans - no less! The ultimate purpose of the diplomatic exercize in brinkmanship is as yet covered in geopolitical nebula. But never mind the increasing Wahhabi influence, Al Qaeda cells declaring war on Serbia, the traditional Turkish style mosques being stripped to make them Wahhabi compliant, the Serbian heartland of Kosovo being subjected to the rule of the fifteen crime families of Albania who are upto their eyeballs involved in heroin trafficking, or that the current leader of Kosovo once led the bin Laden funded KLA.

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The creation of an independent Greater Albania with its fingers in the annual $40 billion criminal drug trade steamrolling through the Balkans, is a very progressive and enlightened ideal.

The conclusion of this three part progress report: we can all go safely to sleep tonight - all is quiet on the Eastern front ...

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