Monday, January 14, 2008

Economic Light Bulbs? Danger Alert!

The Dutch environmental organization "Nederlands Instituut Milieu Centraal" has shocking news for us all: economic, fluorescent light bulbs put your health at risk!

In a time of great concern about climate change environment gurus like Al Gore are pointing at saving energy, urging everyone to use these economic lamps instead of the "good old ones"... and with increasing success.

But there is a snag - and not a futile one - as I learnt reading a summary of this NIMC report. Okay, are you comfortably seated in front of your computer? Now take a deep breath ... Do you use these bulbs and did you know they actually contain ... MERCURY? That's one of the worst pollutants on the face of the earth!

So, if you possess the darned things I'm asking you, try not to break it. And if it's the case, the advice of NIMC is to evacuate the place after opening a window. And wait outside for fifteen minutes !

Let's also mention the associated waste problem ... Oh wait, I'm not finished yet! There's another problem.

Some scientists have expressed worries about the electromagnetic radiation these bulbs produce. In fact, French and Spanish organizations have tested the lamps and concluded they are dangerous. The "Centre de Recherche et d'Information Indépendantes sur les Rayonnements ElectroMagnétiques" (CRIIREM) and the "Arca Iberica" recommend you don't use them as bedside lamps, or as desk lamps. It can harm you. Hmmm, do some of you have one next to the computer? Switch it off!

Does someone feel cheated out there? Do you see the Light?!

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