Tuesday, December 18, 2007

101 Scientists: "Stop Fighting Climate Change!"

We received following communique from our climate correspondent, De Klimatosoof:

"101 Scientists ask Secretary General Ban Ki Moon of the U.N.: Stop Fighting Climate Change!"

Over a hundred scientists (the real, objective kind) from all over the world - many top professionals in their field - have sent an open letter to the U.N. Secretary General requesting him to stop combating global warming, and instead to further that vulnerable countries start protecting themselves against all forms of climate change - induced by human activity or otherwise.

In their view the current policies will have a negative impact on these countries, increasing the levels of poverty, and making them even more vulnerable, and less able to protect themselves.

The letter in English is available on the site of the Science and Public Policy Institute. The list of signatories is at the bottom.

A month ago our climate man reported that the Goracle disaster movie contained not nine mistakes as earlier detected, but as many as 35 factual errors. "The most disturbing film you'll ever see," was as Gore typified his artistic production "An Inconvenient Truth".

Countless children from all over the globe were dragged to the movie theatres to be scared stiff ... over a collection of fallacies! One example: the collapsing glacier which Gore is showing (and is eternally repeated in innumerable television programs) is located in Argentina, and performs this natural spectacle somewhat regularly; the phenomenon is unrelated to global warming (or rather, global cooling). And so it goes on, 35 times, exaggerations and factual errors!

Caption: "Perito Moreno Glacier", by Gilbert Ashoff
To the countless children taken in, we can add many a grown-up leader of government, willing to go on the record with the Goracle, thus adding credibility to the celluloid fraud!

May I once again remind the readership of the wisdom of the English philosopher Roger Bacon who florished from 1214 to 1292. He identified several obstacles to truth, among them 'uninstructed popular opinion' and 'long-standing, but erroneous custom'. We can now add to that truism 'instructed popular opinion', otherwise known as indoctrination.

Freedom and truth, rather than the forces of nature, are under assault by a collection of Postmodern political nihilists, to whom reality is as relative as their ethics!

Updated 23rd Dec. 2007: "The Good News: for Truth, Science and the Environment"

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