Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Merry PC Christmas!

What happened Thursday afternoon in the Court of Law in Brussels is quite unbelievable. But what is the most disturbing part of this news? That this year, reception employees have been forced to remove the Christmas tree they'd decorated? Or that these employees were summoned in emergency to their director's office when journalists showed up to report it?

On Thursday in the Court of Law here in Brussels, the problem was ... Christmas. Christmas and its garlands, Christmas and its trees, Christmas and its lights!

Every year the reception hall in the Court of Law is carefully decorated. Anonymously an employee explained that "it was very pretty and I assure you there was no crib, no Christian Cross, no religious symbol. Just a Christmas tree with candles and tinsels."

But in the newly hired Chief Clerk's mind it was all too much. As our anonymous employee complains: "We were forced to remove it so as not to offend some of the people who visit the building. She said we have to keep a neutral attitude towards Muslims."

Of course journalists wanted to know more about it and came to investigate. They were very surprised to see their presence led to a panic in the Court. They were told to address the Chief Clerk. The conversation was very brief: "No comment", she said in a hurry.

As the journalists were leaving the building the phone rang in the reception area: the employees were summoned to the Chief Clerk's office for sanctioning. Bernard Thieleman, a famous lawyer was a witness to the scene: "As a lawyer I was very shocked when I heard of it. Where are we heading? We can't tolerate this, it's a shame. We have to react!"

Yes, where are we heading? I won't comment to this one too much; just this: I strongly believe the first ones who should protest this kind of decision are moderate Muslims themselves. Because in the end they'll be the ones to pay for this kind of stupidity. Yet they fail to show, to make their voices heard. Were are they, for Christ's sake? I wonder, do they exist?


jackdm1294 said...

Oh, reading my article after posting it, I realize our worried lawyer goes almost by the same name as infamous mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans!
Don't mistake one for the other, please!!!

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