Monday, November 5, 2007

Make Way for the European Emperors!

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- Italiano

iovanna Reggiani was 47 years old. She passed away after being assaulted by a young Rom last Tuesday 29th October in the suburbs of Rome, Italy.

Since Romania entered the European Union on 1st January 2007 an estimated five hundred thousand Romanians crossed the Italian borders. That is five hundred thousand of the poorest, the most desperate, and the most determined to do whatever it takes to partake of Western prosperity. Crime has exploded and shanty areas have sprung up like mushrooms in the Italian suburbs: the price for welcoming into the community a country that obviously isn't prepared to pay the same price.

Giovanna Reggiani, the spouse of a Navy officer, was robbed and raped, dying while fiercely defending herself.

Did I mention the European Union, that shameless bunch of elected politicians (take it as you like, but that's the truth) who couldn't anticipate anything of the above? Or didn't want to. Why admitting Romania into the union as early as 2007? Explain that! One thing is sure though, this European Union doesn't represent its citizens and it doesn't protect them. You can forget that! It has one and one goal only: pushing your head under water and drowning you in a spiral of madness.

We shouldn't be surprised. After all, these corrupt and incompetent politicians who rule this union, originated from the home countries where they started their putrid jobs and then moved on to the super state; an unlawful super state at that, because it is devoid of a democratically approved constitution.

Apart from that, Italian politicians acting at home didn't do anything to anticipate, or react to this situation. They allowed the shanty areas to spring up, crime rates soaring. They left Giovanna Reggiani alone in some hostile suburb and - by the hand of some young Rom - killed her. Today all of a sudden, they are clearing the area, driving away the Romanians and destroying the shacks. Couldn't that have been done prior to her death? And how long will the belated resolve last? Just the time required for the media to forget about Giovanna Reggiani?

Without a doubt they'll quit like they usually do, killing Giovanna once again. On the other hand, they'll all pass the blame off on each other. The so-called political Right-wing will accuse the so-called Leftists of the Prodi Administration they have not taken timely, appropriate measures. Be that as it may, the political Right didn't take any effective measures either when they were in power: the fact is that the shanties may have sprang up impressively since January 2007, the very area where the murderer of Giovanna Reggiani lived, was created five years ago.

Guilty, all of them! They battle each other in a shameless way for just a particle of power, or for money, or easy women, inflating their hyperbolic egos, compromising and bending, like vultures over the poor woman's coffin.

Don't misunderstand me. I don't mean to blame an unlucky man who just lost his beloved wife in such tragic circumstances, but I'm waiting for the day when someone in his situation, man or woman, will have the brilliant idea - at the church door and in front of television cameras - to throw this bunch of hyenas back where they belong. I want to see them fleeing, tails between their legs. And perhaps the widower could spit in the face of some of these evil-minded politicians, for instance the one for whom he voted but who betrayed him; just to see if he has the nerve to have him arrested, preventing him from attending his beloved's funeral.

No doubt all this will have consequences for Italian society. On the evening prior to the funeral three Romanians got beaten up by a group of masked individuals, not far away from the place where Giovanna Reggiani was murdered. I've something to say to these anonymous guys: I condemn violence and what you did makes no sense whatsoever. Who were these three randomly singled out Romanians, after all?

But if you really can't control your behaviour - when the time has come to deal with the fear that some of your beloved ones may have to suffer, like Giovanna Reggiani suffered - if by that time nobody and nothing can stop you, then at least choose your targets carefully. Go and find the truly guilty ones. From Prodi to Berlusconi, to Mastella, Veltroni, Fassino, Diliberto, Casini, Calderoli, Fini, and not forgetting Frattini, you have an ample if not exhaustive list to choose from.


Update: EUX: "Romania shocked over Rome killing, premier pledges support to Italy"

Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu on Friday expressed his deepest regret over the killing in Rome of a woman allegedly by a Romanian man, and pledged his full support to Italian counterpart Romano Prodi, news agency Mediafax reported. Romanians were said to have been shocked by the brutal murder of 47-year-old Giovanna Reggiani, with many spontaneously laying candles and flowers on Bucharest's University Square. >>>

On a different note, political Narcissism was the subject of this week's Sanity Squad podcast on BlogTalkRadio. The psychiatrists discuss why we vote for the politicians we do, and why they are running. What's the psychology?


King Tutanhigham said...

Wolfie, at my site and a man who is usually right, says that the problem is with the Roms who fled "hanging onto the coat tails of other Romanians" into Italy.

Of course, all Romanians will be blamed and another immigrant war will begin - in line with EU policy. Then the Lewader will step forward and bring 'order' back to society.

Adrian said...

The Roma people are calling themselves "romanians" only abroad. In Romania they are calling themselves 'tigani' or 'rromi'.
They have little to do with Romanians, as they do not share our culture, our values or our way of life. And they're very keen to emphasize that, especially when they marry their 12-year daughters or display their gipsy villas built entirely out of theft and petty crimes.
You have to understand that Romania has done tremendous steps forward to integrate within the EU, and this means 22 million people opening up as a market towards EU products, including italian products. And also to EU laws and respect for them.
However, the most violent and despicable elements of the society chose to flee Romania and to invade the Western countries in search of easy prey.
Blame the Romanian government for this, as they could have prevented this exodus by forbiding those scumbags to exit from the country.
For years we Romanians have been accused of discriminating against tigani. Well, now Europe can see their true face.
Not that all of them are like this. But the vast majority of them look at life only as a way of parasiting other people.
Their problem becomes now Europe's problem, as Romania wasn't able to solve it alone. This is the normal way, as they too belong in Europe, wanted, or not wanted. But it is the hard way, and the hurting one.
EU governments have to find a way to integrate these people (there are some 1.2 million of them) and to educate them - as they have already done with the gipsies from their own countries.
The barbaric act of a single gipsy should therefore stand as a threshold for a new integration policy for this minority, not as a stumbling stone that would lead to closed markets, closed borders and closed countries.
My sympathy goes to all the victims of violence, and especially to Giovanna's family. Alas, this will not remain an isolated event :(

Anonymous said...

Good point there Adi (my name is Adrian too). I live in the US but I'm also from Romania, and what you say bout "roma" is most definitely true. Maybe the EU will now begin to understand why the "roma" have been discriminated against for decades in Romania and be less critical of their "unjust treatment." It's unfortunate that they have ruined our image more than it needed to be, but we need to get our act together too. We can only blame so many of our shortcomings on gypsies. Nevertheless, the italians who reacted violently might as well be gypsies themselves since they have stooped down to their level. The EU really need to get their act together, but Romania most of all.

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