Monday, November 12, 2007

Belgium on the verge of collapse

Belgium's deputies brought their fragile system of consensus rule crashing down on November 7th, with a direct clash between the two feuding linguistic groups : a bid by politicians from the Flemish part of the country to abolish the bilingual rights of 150,000 French-speakers who live in (otherwise Dutch-only) suburbs near Brussels by splitting the Brussels-Hal-Vilvoorde electoral arrondissement. By putting the plan to a vote in a parliamentary committee, Flemish leaders have broken the decades-old “Belgian pact”, under which the two language groups avoid holding a straight sectarian vote. Taking advantage of number (in a commitee, flemish deputies outnumber walloon ones as the demographic situation of Belgium is respected : 60% Flemish-40%Walloons)
The goal of Flanders is to isolate Brussels. As, in case of independence of Flanders, borders would be drawn along administrative arrondissements, Brussels could well fall into their hands.
Clearly, nationalism has grown impressively in Flanders lately. Every important party has a nationalist/separatist wing. More and more, Flanders tends toward a confederal logic, at least. They want to get rid of french speaking Wallonia and negociations to form a federal government have come to a stop, infected by these communities problems. You have to know that elections took place on... June 10.

Why get rid of Wallonia?

Since Belgium became a federation in 1970, Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia (along with a small german region in the east of the country) has its own government, with competences always increasing with time.
From the beginning, Wallonia has been politically dominated by the "Parti Socialiste"(PS) Its dominance has been so strong that its members have control of all levels of power.
And they couldn't resist the "mediocrity temptation". They put a system in place, based on corruption, briberies, mercantilism, using federal money to serve their personal interest and to accommodate voters the easy way in a economically very depressed region : panem et circenses (bread and games) for the many unemployed citizens.
While Flanders kept bravely developing its economy, Wallonia dived in deep waters. Unemployment always rising, the population trapped by the socialist illusion lost its courage, will, confidence. Many children have never seen their parents employed and become themselves unemployed.
As time went by, the wallon socialists were more and more daring in their mischievousnesses and scandals became to unveil at an impressive rate. From the assassination of André Cools (, one of PS historical figures by mafia killers hired by some socialists fellows (wich led to former minister Vanderbiest's suicide) through the Agusta, Dassault or Inusop affairs to the recent conviction of Richard Carlier, the jailing of former Charleroi Mayor van Gompel (along with deputy mayors De Spiegeleer, Cariat and Co), PS gave from Wallonia a horrific image.

And Flanders citizens think that they are paying federal government too much money in order to keep Wallonia afloat. European or belgian federal help did nothing for Wallonia, because of PS being in charge, botching initiatives and wasting allowances. Flanders is fed up with what they call "the PS State".

Some numbers : BNI in Wallonia is the weakest for Northwestern european regions. To get a BNI so low, you have to travel 400 kilometers towards East or 1200 kilometers towards South.
In the classification of 89 regions in Europe for well being, Wallonia was classified 52th in 1995 and 56th in 2002. Slovenia is on the verge of doing better..
The long term unemployment is 7,1% (1,6 in Flanders) Total unemployment : 17,5% (12,3 for Belgium as a whole) Children living in a family with both unemployed parents : 18,9% (7,3 in Flanders) Expectation of life : 77,2 years (79,4 in Flanders) Education : Wallonia's students ranked 23th, 31th and 31th respectively for maths, reading and sciences (Flanders : first, third, fifth) in Europe.
In Wallonia, Hainaut and Liege provinces are doing desperately bad while Brabant and Luxembourg are rather up in numbers, keeping disaster in proportions. And you know what? Hainaut and Liege are the strongest fortresses of PS while socialism doesn't have a historical tradition (nor majority) in less inhabited Brabant and Luxembourg!
And let's speak of Brussels : also led by a socialist coalition, the unemployment level is skyrocketing : 22%!

Some interesting socialist figures in Wallonia and Brussels :

Michel Daerden : minister in the regional government (Budget) : always drunk and proud to be. Very popular! Check Youtube :

Freddy Thielemans : mayor of Brussels. Well known for his conception of freedom of speech (see the forbidden demo on 9/11...) Doesn't compare to Daerden in terms of alcoholic beverages but does "quite well", thank you.

Allison Declercq : freshly elected to the Parliament, the young lady (20 years old) quits... college to better do her job in politics! Did you say competence and experience?

Paul Magnette : minister in the regional government (Health), has a clue to straighten Wallonia up : "Walloons, make love in a better way than you have done till now : your confidence'll rise and so will Wallonia's economy." (I'm not kidding, he said that in Parliament, very seriously...)

So Belgium is on the verge of collapse because of a bunch of so-called socialists who decided socialism was no more a party for workers but well a party for people wanting not to work.
PS in Wallonia is the epitome of a political class WE HAVE TO GET RID OF IN EUROPE!!!


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