Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blackfive: How Dim is Nancy Pelosi?

Blackfive answer the rhetorical question in the affirmative and say, stunningly so.

In our opinion things couldn't be worse. Mrs Pelosi is Speaker of the House and as such not a total dimwit, but a politician. She knows - or ought to know - exactly what she is doing. Blackfive know that too.

"The fact that the leader of the Dems in the House has this little regard for our forces and their safety as well as our victory is sad but clearly a chosen path. They have been trying to get this war lost for a couple of years now, so the sabotaging of relations with the country most capable of making things miserable for us is par for the course."

It is another example of politicians subordinating global and geopolitical interests to shortsighted party-political interests: the irresponsible destructiveness that is running in too many of the current crop of politicians' veins since it was stirred to consciousness in 1968*.

Any time in the last ninety years or so would have been a good time to address the Human Rights of the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians at the hands of the Ottomans. The current one is decidedly not, but is coincides with the plot thickening at the Turkish-Iraqi border in Northern Iraq.

Either Mrs Pelosi is stunningly dim, or stunningly evil.

Update 1: Here's a letter from President Bill Clinton during his Presidency to Dennis Hastert, regarding the controversy during his presidency. That apparently, was also a less fortunate moment.
- Hat Tip: Siggy via Dr Sanity: "Needless to say, the Republican-led Congress--in the interests of national security--listened to the wise counsel of then-President Clinton."

Update 2: *As by sheer coincidence Roger L. Simon in "1968 Revisited" today elaborates on the generation of Boomers and Pre Boomers. He doesn't take the irreversible KGB subversion and de-moral-ization program into consideration, and the devastating influence that was the Frankfurt School for Higher Communism. It was this fifth column that entirely orchestrated Western youth culture, including the subversion of the churches and the destruction of the family unit as a result of pushing the Marxist dialectic.

As by another coincidence Fjordman describes in "The Fatherless Civilization", a review of Diana West's book, "The Death of the Grown-Up": the redistribution of power from the white male (the oppressing White Patriarchate) to perceived minorities or 'victims', including women, the oppressed.

All three are missing this point. This is not without significance as we are experiencing a revival presently, as witnessed by the subject matter of this post: the willful undermining and sabotage of Western interests. To say that they cannot help it, they were programmed this way, sounds to me too much like an excuse, one that I am unwilling to offer.


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