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Sexual Terrorism, a New Weapon for Global Jihad - The West 3/3

Koran verse 2:223
Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.
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Continued from Part 2 -  India

Introduction: In the previous posts we looked at the plight of Rinkle Kumari in the land of Sindhi, Pakistan where the Court buckled under the pressure of a feudal clansman. The enforced conversion to Islam and the ensuing marriage to a Muslim man, turned out cover for organized sexual exploitation. A pattern is emerging of forcible conversions, abductions and sexual exploitation emanating from the Dar-Al-Islam in every direction of the wind: called many things, it's proper definition is sexual terrorism. The phenomenon turns out to be centuries old. In Europe it used to be known as 'white slavery'. We know it today as the lover boy confidence trick or simply (gang) rape.

"Love" or "reproductive jihad", or "Romeo jihad" is the grooming of girls for marriage with a view of conversion, industrial scale child bearing for demographic dominance or sexual exploitation for financial gain. Young Muslim boys and men reportedly target school and college girls for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

Whatever the tactical aim, the crimes have a psychological effect of terrorism on the minorities and the women involved. In the realm of Islam it's perpetrated on minorities, in the West the victims are local girls, as we shall see in the last instalment of the series. The women themselves are mere objects and in themselves insignificant. On a strategic level the purpose is cultural and psychological pressure on local populations.

How the politically correct classes in the West are dealing with these cases is simply appalling and a deep disgrace! Not to mention the mainstream media and the judiciary that abuse the cases to further than own amoral political and multicultural agenda. One case in the UK stands out particularly (details - GRAPHIC!).

The Crown Prosecution Service of the United Kingdom, rather than correctly identifying the crime as part of the global Jihad, have attributed the problem to "Asians" in general. This is morally outrageous! This is how far political correctness will take us on the path of nihilism and the inversion of good and evil.

Read here how utterly despicable a severe crime is treated as a 'social problem' in the UK. A case is made by an evil hate pomo that the perpetrators should be excused on the grounds that oral and anal sex is taboo in their cultures...and we need to talk about it.

Rather than sticking to the truth wherever it may lead, indicting Islam as the case may be, completely innocent minorities are lumped with zealots and terrorists so as not to offend Islam. It marks the end of the rule of law and the beginning of a subjective, corrupt justice system. This is death of the state. Tolerating, aiding and abetting evil, it has become an accomplice of evil.

The "Asian community" rightly reacted with due indignation!

These isn't an isolated case by any stretch of the imagination. Systematic serial gang rape and sexual abuse by Muslim men is happening all over the Western world, but it disappears into the crime statistics as simple vice or rape cases. Meanwhile the epidemic in Norway and Sweden has become notorious.

Rape with a view to intimidation:  in the video below a gruesome Afghan rape marathon in a Swedish refugee camp and the reaction to it by an evil, Socialist, policor pomo. Never mind the victims. This is the price exacted for the blessings of peace and multiculturalism. In a few hundred years Islam will have caught up with us, and we'll live happily ever after, is the logic behind their inhumanity. There is however no good reason why  Islam would have an evolution that is similar to that of Christianity. Given its world view that is in fact highly unlikely.

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