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Obama Vs Roark: You Didn't Build That!

Left: Howard Roark's Speech in The Fountainhead (vid)
Right: Barack Obama: "You didn't build that"
In Egalitarianism, equality is the fundamental moral value: the standard of good and evil. Equality rejects equality at birth. Equality before the law isn't good enough. Equality of opportunity is insufficient. The value of equality transcends Christian and Marxist ethics; Egalitarianism wants much more: equality of outcome - HERE and NOW!

But here's the catch. Men are not equally deserving for what they are, but because they are essentially nothing. Obama's now infamous quote "You didn't build that!" perfectly sketches this implied tenet of Egalitarianism.

If you have a brain, a will, some skills, knowledge, character, desires, money, power, any ability or attribute, you were lucky, that's all. The actual producer is the state in the name of the collective.

And since the bottom is by definition made up of losers, equality can only be reached by cutting down the top. Egalitarians hold that for everone to end up with a fair share of zero, those leading the race should have their legs broken: "We must cut down the high flyers," animal rights wingnut, Peter Singer has stated.

Egalitarianism is sheer evil: strip man of all the attributes that make him an individual and the achievements that distinguish him from any other, and all men become equal. But what is left is an empty shell, in essence a zombie: the ghost of a human being.

The root of the ideology is Kantian Nihilism. The elevation of nothing to something. The zombie demands the sacrifice of the living man. The walking dead as moral man is the philosophy that rules the pOmo world!

Since there is so much unfairness, egalitarians dispense with a rational system and priorities. They compensate with swiftness and affirmative action wherever a case of perceived inequality presents itself. They are proud of their achievements, but in fact it is racist and evil.

Since egalitarians are ardent collectivists the first duty of government is overall redistribution and compensation. The moral standard is not man's life, happiness or the pursuit of it, but fairness, the elimination of nature's random inequalities.

The vehicle for compensation and redistribution is identity politics. Women seek to address sexism, the elderly ageism, the handicapped ableism, the ugly looksism, multicults imperialism, animal rights lunies speciesism. Competition is evil. There are no winners, no losers: everyone gets a prize, whether deserving or not. All demands are meritous, regardless of merit.
Egalitarianism is so detached from reality (perception as well as conception), most adherents do not even bother validating it. Equality is simply a moral axiom, an end in itself, a floating abstraction. This load of crap is ruling our world; it is the mental suicide of civilization.
The evil of Egalitarianism has come home in Environmentalism. For some reason no one has been able to explain inanimate nature has the same status as man. Therefore it has equal rights and we must stop defining better as richer, bigger, faster, more.

Watermelons (reds in a green jacket) is a charming idea, but it's inaccurate. The flag of environmentalism is not red or green, but the black of death.

Evil consequences are irrelevant to this ideology: intent is everything, so the ethics are infallible, regardless of the outcome.
While Marxism still had a vision of a better world, Egalitarianism is a postmodern construct to rescue the Socialist notion of equality (see flow chart Evolution of Socialist Strategies To Rescue Socialism From Failure); but it does so by a strategy of scorched earth: in death all men are equal. Man is a moral monster that deserves no better.

This all puts abortion and 'the right to die' in a somewhat less humanitarian light.


- Leonard Peikoff's "The DIM Hypothesis"
- Peikoff on the Election of Barack Obama

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The Philosophies of Coercion


What is subjectivism?

Subjectivism has three approaches.

The most rational one is, that universals (objectives, essences, concepts) do not exist, or are unattainable since cognition is filtered through the individual's fallible mind and senses. What we take for 'real' are actually as many different perspectives of 'reality' as there are human beings. In this theory man exists, but not man-ness.

All those individual perspectives are the basis for the magic approach to subjectivism, which posits that thought itself creates reality: reality, (the object), is thus dependent on human consciousness, (the subject), for its existence. A thinker does not need to concern himself with the outside facts to acquire knowledge of it.
The mind, containing raw percepts and emotions, unfiltered and unprocessed by reason (the pool called the subconscious) has the power to create 'reality' in conformity with the thinker's wishes. Pathos, emotions and will take the place of reason as the primary tool of 'cognition' (evidently we can't speak here of a 'cognition process' as such).

Iconically Albert Einstein once asked a subjectivist, "do you really think the universe is not there when you aren't watching it?" A subjectivist might legitimately ask, "If I die overnight, will the sun rise tomorrow?" Here we can see that the fallacy rests on failing to separate the man-made from the metaphysical.

To the third uptake on subjectivism the individual approach is utter nonsense, but on the macro or group level, it is entirely acceptable. Groups can perform change on the ground in conformity with their 'common will'. One might object that it is one man's mind that has a will and there is no such thing as a 'group will'. Try explain that to educated people who 'know' that groups even take 'decisions' (a matter of very sloppy identification: what they actually mean is, that a certain interchange has taken place, that has led to a specific (unconscious) effect).

Political philosophy
This group subjectivism is the most pernicious of the three, since it has momentous conquences for political philosophy. It is the basis of racism, ethnic nationalism, polylogism, and multiculturalism. From there it is but one step to gulags, psychiatric asylums and Socialist concentration camps (meaning, all Left and Right variations: Marxism, Fascism, ethnic nationalism and National Socialism).

When the Western Left abandoned the ambition of reaching Utopia through violent revolution, they embraced democratic principles and even usurped Liberalism, debasing it to a form of moral and social laissez faire. This temporarily halted the coercive tendency, but it resurfaces now that the Left is reverting back to its origins rooted in the Counter-Enlightenment.

The latter is a rather loose collection of ideologies that may be Rightist (Heidegger) or Leftist (Marx et al), and which - in various degrees - is subjectivist; they reject morality and man's ability to acquire knowledge, and deny there is a meaning to life to the point of nihilism. They are always collectivist. Their purpose is to break down reason, capitalism and free-markets, and deconstruct their values. Being statists they love strong states and strong men, and have a (latent) contempt for democracy which they see as a dictatorship of the middle class, which they hate too. On the other hand, they have fully embraced radical egalitarianism.

The substance of the subjectivist mind
Subjectivists do not engage in cognitive processes in any exact sense of the word. An object - say a banana - isn't perceived externally (what is the form, the color, its smell, etc.?), but the question is rather, how does the banana 'strike' the observer emotionally. A subjectivist sits in reception how the banana 'comes across', what emotion will the banana trigger in him, the mind functioning as a sounding board or a radio receiver, if you will.

The received signal translates into a pleasant or an unpleasant percept. The passive, 'open mind' approach opens the field wide to (auto) suggestion, free association, and projection. This may run wild, even resulting in psychosis, since it goes unchecked by sobering logic and reason. Subjectivists are ardent manipulators of perception. Read also "When Reason Fails".

Where do they get it?
The basis for this improper method of 'cognition' is the Kantian notion that the mind is locked up inside the skull, forever separated from outside reality. It has become a place of smoke and mirrors, with loosely floating memes and particles of ideas that are only a ghostly form of the actual thing; the real object (the universal: man-ness) is localized in some parallel universe, unbreachable by the human mind (if not denied altogether).

This originally Platonic belief allows subjectivists to manipulate facts, and pick and choose among data to reach any conclusion they like. Reality becomes pliable, facts floating memes that can be one thing on Monday evening, but quite another on Tuesday morning, according to one's nightly experience or (political) expediency.

Their ethics program leads them to reach only collectivist and altruistic conclusions.

Justification for coercion
Cut off from reason, the duty of altruism, which is at the core of Kantian ethics (deontology), tends to demand force since that is the only means of ensuring that everyone complies with the ultimate moral duty to sacrifice self to the whole. This reinforces the subjectivist default position of coercion, but the ultimate source lies in anti-reason: in absence of objective knowledge, might makes right (Pragmatism), which is further enhanced by the absolute morality that forcing the 'good' on people is for their own good and to the benefit of all concerned.

The absurdity of this ethics system is illustrated by the contradiction that it delegitimizes at the same time doing good, if this is done with a particular purpose in mind (any). But worse, it forbids self-defense and telling a lie, even to prevent a murder from taking place! If a company or a person advertises as "conforming to the highest 'ethical' standards", rest assured they mean Kantian ethics!

The 'soft' alternatives
The Western Left have managed for a long time to suppress the natural tendency to use force. By applying the perversion of pacifism, declaring any form of violence - even in self-defense, or to protect the innocent - morally beyond the pale ("make love, not war") they limited themselves to the use of only peaceful methods of persuasion. Today they have perfected these soft methods of manipulation to the point of perfidy (see also "The Hidden Sinisterism of the O Campaign"), such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)* The Nudge and the Delphi technique to such an extent that one might ask, whatever foul thing will they think up next?
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) replaces subjective thought with subjective (body)language. Instead of thought, it is here mostly language that serves as a tool for the creation of reality.

When you aren't being Nudged or NLP'd, you're probably being Delphied into compliance. These and rhetorical equivocations are fairly easy methods to make unsuspecting people comply with the ideology. Political correctness is another method by which group pressure is used to place someone - or his actions - outside the realm of moral respectability: no one wants to be called a bigot, a racist or a Fascist.
False moral equivalence and equivocations are other methods. Feigned outrage, we all know too well.

Why a debate with a subjectivist is not possible
There are two ways for getting people's cooperation: by a process of persuasion, such as a debate, or by some form of coercion. As we shall see, the chasm between the two schools on the nature of thought, is wide and cannot be overcome: objectivism and subjectivism are mutually exclusive. Debate doesn't work where subjectivists are involved; objectivists cannot be cajoled into taking some arbitrary position by coercion.

Let's have a look at the peaceful option: parley. This works fine among objectivists who reach truth through a process of dialogue. Such a process is impossible with subjectivists, since you cannot have a proper debate with someone who is convinced that anything you say is just ... well, your personal opinion. In the eyes of the subjectivist, in the absence of objective standards to truth - the outcome of such 'conversations' is always one arbitrary, personal taste pitted against another. Hence the shouting matches, the expletives, the ad hominems and all the other Postmodern 'debating techniques' that are also at the heart of the Alinsky tactics for radicals: it's intimidation, pure and simple.

On the other hand it is also very hard to agree to diagree with a subjectivist since he's convinced himself that your 'arbitrary' position is sheer ill will: you're out to hurt him and the superior, altruistic, collectivist causes he aspires to. At this point a process of psychological projection has long set in and he'll accuse you of whatever he's engaged in himself.

One could temporarily appease him, but that would only feed the bully. He'll be back for more since his strategy has obviously worked. He'll explain appeasement as a sign of weakness, and will be back for more before you know it. One cannot negotiate with bullies.

Coercion does not work for those who stubbornly cling to reason. The problem here is that human minds can be silenced or destroyed, but they cannot be forced to accept something they know to be untrue.

But to the subjectivist any position is morally interchangeable with any other: the subjectivist reels in frustration with the intransigence of the objectivist's absolutism.

Means of control
As Ayn Rand has pointed out, it is not possible to foist a lie on rational people by force: A = A even under the most vile circumstances. Therefore tyrants resort to immobilizing their subjects' minds by forms of oppression like irrational and contradictory laws, what in Soviet times was termed cynicly, "the truth of the day". Such stories have become world literature through the books of the author, Franz Kafka.

Leonard Peikoff in "The Ominous Parallels" makes the case that the Nazi death camps were actually controlled experiments in mass mind control: what do absurd situations, that bear no relation whatsoever with known reality, do to the human mind? ... The absurd, as in the surrealism of Viennese walzes accompanying people to the gas chambers? It's an intriguing suggestion.

Dutch pop artist @HenkWestbroek recently illustratied rather well where the perversion of subjectivism might lead to: his solution for world peace would be to take away man's free will. As this happens to be the seat of morality, this particular suggestion speaks volumes of the unethical nature of coercion that justifies itself through its own ethics: any demagogue would have been proud as a peacock of such a Faustian proposition.

One can see how idealists and Utopians can become ruthless capos, and cultured peoples end up producing the most toxic ideologies.

Objectivist ethics
In Ayn Rand's philosophical theory of Objectivism the initiation of force is evil, but self-defense is a moral obligation. Refraining from it would be tantamount to being an accomplice to evil. Retaliation is also warranted against an irrational enemy, which repudiates the Bush doctrine of preemptive strike. This is because these enemies themselves allow only such methods. This is not 'stooping to their level', but on the contrary, preventing them from using it against you or any other innocent victim.

While Liberals and Postmodernists have reached the suicidal, relativist conclusion that since there is no absolute good or evil but only so many equally valid perspectives, Objectivism offers a real ethics program based on reason. The good fosters life, evil does not. While there may be grey areas, it is safe to state that dictators proposing mass murder - even if justified by a Sorelian myth of victimhood - is pure, unadulterated evil.

To appease such a man, has the effect of the appeaser becoming an accomplice. This is the real Faustian dilemma. In absolute terms, the good has nothing - repeat nothing - to gain from evil since there is no good in absolute evil. You cannot bargain with men like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Ahmadinejad about the amount of victims they might make. You can only destroy them to prevent harm to the innocent.

They never learn, do they?
Subjectivists lack the philosophical tool that would lead to the conclusion, that the problem lies in what they perceive as the solution: sacrifice of the individual to the whole. Therefore Leftists always believe they will perform better than the preceding lot. This leads to an endless succession of Socialists blaming so-and-so for the moral bankruptcies, promising that they will do Utopia better next time around. In reality, the ideology has been well tested and was found wanting each and every time. That is because their ideologies are based - not on reality - but on a racket resting on a perceived ideal from which no one can be exempted. That higher cause is it's own justification of force.

Prejudice, bigotry and absolutes
A popular imperative among subjective thinkers is not to pass moral judgment on others. But, as we have seen, since opponents through lack of objective standards can't find truth  through debate, this imperative is thrown to the wind as the opponent is demonized in the foulest possible matter. The Left simply needs its demons and scapegoats. Read also: "The Spiral of Hatred".

Person and ideas have become merged into one inseparable caricature of reality. Neither a motivation nor a clarification is necessary! They fail to realize what dangerous ground they're on. The next step is active card carrying membership of the local Storm Troopers. It's no wonder they sound like Fascists! That is because they use the same philosophical tools: the talking points have reached the status of absolute dogma while its inherent morality justifies coercion; the method of implementation is pragmatism, an act of the will.

Regretably examples of such positions are everywhere, but to mention just one for clarity: Marx's Socialist theory is true (dogma), because we believe it (pragmatism, because we say so). All should embrace this belief because it is in everyone's best interest (moral altruism). Once embraced by the gatekeepers as admissable, the same mechanism can be used on any other subject, an individual or a collective: no further questions or motivation is required. That is how collectivists roll!

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Sexual Terrorism, a New Weapon for Global Jihad - The West 3/3

Koran verse 2:223
Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.
Hat Tip: Keizers & Kleren
Continued from Part 2 -  India

Introduction: In the previous posts we looked at the plight of Rinkle Kumari in the land of Sindhi, Pakistan where the Court buckled under the pressure of a feudal clansman. The enforced conversion to Islam and the ensuing marriage to a Muslim man, turned out cover for organized sexual exploitation. A pattern is emerging of forcible conversions, abductions and sexual exploitation emanating from the Dar-Al-Islam in every direction of the wind: called many things, it's proper definition is sexual terrorism. The phenomenon turns out to be centuries old. In Europe it used to be known as 'white slavery'. We know it today as the lover boy confidence trick or simply (gang) rape.

"Love" or "reproductive jihad", or "Romeo jihad" is the grooming of girls for marriage with a view of conversion, industrial scale child bearing for demographic dominance or sexual exploitation for financial gain. Young Muslim boys and men reportedly target school and college girls for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

Whatever the tactical aim, the crimes have a psychological effect of terrorism on the minorities and the women involved. In the realm of Islam it's perpetrated on minorities, in the West the victims are local girls, as we shall see in the last instalment of the series. The women themselves are mere objects and in themselves insignificant. On a strategic level the purpose is cultural and psychological pressure on local populations.

How the politically correct classes in the West are dealing with these cases is simply appalling and a deep disgrace! Not to mention the mainstream media and the judiciary that abuse the cases to further than own amoral political and multicultural agenda. One case in the UK stands out particularly (details - GRAPHIC!).

The Crown Prosecution Service of the United Kingdom, rather than correctly identifying the crime as part of the global Jihad, have attributed the problem to "Asians" in general. This is morally outrageous! This is how far political correctness will take us on the path of nihilism and the inversion of good and evil.

Read here how utterly despicable a severe crime is treated as a 'social problem' in the UK. A case is made by an evil hate pomo that the perpetrators should be excused on the grounds that oral and anal sex is taboo in their cultures...and we need to talk about it.

Rather than sticking to the truth wherever it may lead, indicting Islam as the case may be, completely innocent minorities are lumped with zealots and terrorists so as not to offend Islam. It marks the end of the rule of law and the beginning of a subjective, corrupt justice system. This is death of the state. Tolerating, aiding and abetting evil, it has become an accomplice of evil.

The "Asian community" rightly reacted with due indignation!

These isn't an isolated case by any stretch of the imagination. Systematic serial gang rape and sexual abuse by Muslim men is happening all over the Western world, but it disappears into the crime statistics as simple vice or rape cases. Meanwhile the epidemic in Norway and Sweden has become notorious.

Rape with a view to intimidation:  in the video below a gruesome Afghan rape marathon in a Swedish refugee camp and the reaction to it by an evil, Socialist, policor pomo. Never mind the victims. This is the price exacted for the blessings of peace and multiculturalism. In a few hundred years Islam will have caught up with us, and we'll live happily ever after, is the logic behind their inhumanity. There is however no good reason why  Islam would have an evolution that is similar to that of Christianity. Given its world view that is in fact highly unlikely.

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Sexual Terrorism, a New Weapon for Global Jihad - India (2/3)

Koran verse 2:223
Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.
Hat Tip: Keizers & Kleren
Continued from Part 1 -  Pakistan

In the previous post we looked at the plight of Rinkle Kumari in the land of Sindhi, Pakistan where the Court buckled under the pressure of a feudal clansman, Mian Mithu of Bharchondi, MP for the Pakistan People's Party. The enforced conversion to Islam and the ensuing marriage to a Muslim man, turned out cover for organized sexual exploitation. Nothing of the case was proved in the trial of Mithu - that wasn't its purpose - but there are many more like it. A pattern is emerging of forcible conversions, abductions and sexual exploitation emanating from the Dar-Al-Islam in every direction of the wind: called many things, it's proper definition is sexual terrorism. The phenomenon turns out to be centuries old. In Europe is used to be known as 'white slavery'. Now we know it as the lover boy confidence trick.

"Love" or "reproductive jihad", or "Romeo jihad" is the grooming of girls for marriage with a view of conversion, industrial scale child bearing for demographic dominance or sexual exploitation for financial gain. Young Muslim boys and men reportedly target school and college girls for conversion to Islam by feigning love.

Whatever the tactical aim, the crimes have a psychological effect of terrorism on the minorities and the women involved. In the realm of Islam it's perpetrated on minorities, in the West the victims are local girls, as we shall see in the next instalment. The women themselves are mere objects and in themselves insignificant. On a strategic level the purpose is cultural and psychological terrorist pressure on local populations.

If statistics are to be believed, in 29 years from now, France will be a Muslim country. Author Frans Groenendijk, blogging on Keizers & Kleren calculates that if one in 20 Muslims (men and women) marries a non Muslim, and the non Muslims convert to Islam, the Muslim population doubles in just a few centuries. The effect of a high birthrate and the pressure on apostates is not included in this estimate.

The term 'love jihad' has been used to describe the activity in India, mostly in the southern state of Kerala. Many believe that the menace has already spread to other adjoining states. Muslim organisations in Kerala have denied the allegations. Officials in India have taken concerns seriously and investigations were launched in 2009 in Kerala and Karnataka, but to date no organized activity of the sort has been proved.

According to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, up to 4,500 girls in Kerala have been targeted, whereas Hindu Janajagruti Samiti claimed that 30,000 girls have been converted in Karnataka alone.

Following are the tactical purposes:

1. To stifle the growth rate of the local population.
2. To increase the Muslim population.
3. After bearing enough children, victims may be deployed in terrorist organizations.
4. Some of them are used as suicide bombers.
5. Young men do good deeds for Islam while making a buck off it too; they are rewarded for successful operations by Muslim organisations.
6. Girls used in the sex trade bring in money from the marketing of porn films, off which big money is to be made in the Gulf countries.
7.  Some of the girls are transported to the rich Gulf countries and sold as sex slaves. The price of virgin girls is extremely high on the slave markets.

The crime is not a new one. During the Muslim rule in India, that lasted for nearly seven centuries, Muslim rulers, creating an environment of fear and terror, used to loot treasure and valuables along with the women. According to the Koran, the women were treated as spoils of war. They converted them to Islam by torture and used them as sex-slaves, or sold them in the slave markets

The inspiration of today’s 'love jihad' serves a similar purpose. Young Muslim men are provided with a mobile phone and paid 200 ryals a day for this purpose. Other successful suitors are given motor bikes or even cars.

Muslim organisations in Kerala have denied the allegations. Here's one Muslim leader in the usual denial and evasion mode:

Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Imam, Jama Masjid, Delhi, is an influential Muslim leader. On January 8, 2011, when facing a group of journalists, said, ”I know what jihad is but this, but this is a new jihad introduced to the book. This is nothing but a plot hatched against the Muslim community with the sole intention of defaming and demeaning them. As far as I’m concerned, I have not come across any single incidence nudging attention to what you call Love Jihad. But then, it’s obnoxious if there is something like this, I can state that there are some political parties. May be, ruling party can do this so as to shift the blame on the opposition. In short, these baseless things may fan the flames but we should overlook Hindu-Muslim issue. Can’t we say are one, as Indians? Learn to hate hatred, which is more important to keep the humanity intact rather than divide the nation on religious demarcation. This ploy of some mischief mongers cannot work..”

To be continued in Part 3 the West


- Faith Freedom: "LOVE JIHAD IN INDIA – Hindu and Christian girls lured and converted to Islam"
- Jihad Watch: "The "love jihad": false romance and forced conversions in India"

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Sexual Terrorism, a New Weapon for Global Jihad - Pakistan (1/3)

Koran verse 2:223
Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like, and do good beforehand for yourselves, and be careful (of your duty) to Allah, and know that you will meet Him, and give good news to the believers.
Hat Tip: Keizers & Kleren
Imagine a scene in the country of Sindhi, said to be the ancestral home of the European gypsy people, the Sinti, now Pakistan. The Court House is besieged by hundreds of armed men of feudal clansman Mian Mithu of Bharchondi, MP for the People's Party. The Prosecution has some odd 117 criminal investigations against him.

A frightened young Hindu woman called Rinkle Kumari is requesting the bench to be taken to her mother, but the judge illegally sends her in police custody in Sukkur Women's Police Station.

Prior to this decision the Meerpur Mathelo town was cordoned off by police, which made the Court inaccessible to Rinkle's family and the Hindu community at large. Finally only four family members were allowed on the premises and only two in the courtroom. Mian Mitho's sons grabbed Rinkle by the neck and arm. The men loudly chanted Allahu Akbar  inside the court, the open display of weapons a clear message to the court and judges, who failed to order them out.

While in police custody Rinkle - surrounded by Mithu's men - answered a few questions from the press. A Bluetooth mobile device stuck in her right ear, she tried hard to satisfy questioning journalists but forgot what inspired her to embrace Islam. 'Sura Eeklus', she tried to pronounce Sura Ikhlaas twice, unsuccessfully though. When asked about the meaning of the Sura Ikhlas, she was dumbstruck and was forcibly guided off the premises by Mithu Junior.

Media also learned in this press conference that Rinkle actually did not even know Naveed Shah, the man who she was supposed to have married just hours after her abduction at 5 in the morning of February 24. Mithu had declared that if Rinkle would be denied him, he would set the town ablaze.

In an article in Friday Times the courageous Pakistani  journalist Marvi Sirmed fiercefully criticises the "sheer weakness of the system of justice, moral bankruptcy in our institutions, our collective hypocrisy and helplessness of the highest state authorities to reign in the rogue elements of the society" (...)
"It has been decades now that Hindu girls have been abducted and forcibly converted. We hear little or no voice at all against this oppression," said Amar Lal, counsel to Rinkle Kumari's family. Notwithstanding the support that media and civil society demonstrated for Rinkle, the state response remains an enigma. The Chief Justice of Supreme Court opened a long pending constitutional petition against forced conversions, filed in 2007 by Pakistan Hindu Council, and contained the names of three relatively recent cases of forced conversions including Rinkle Kumari.
Hours before the Court hearing the President of Pakistan found it necessary to issue a statement against forced conversions, which are supposed to be against Islam. But that doesn't take into account the pernicious influence of  Koran verse 2:223: Your wives are a tilth for you, so go into your tilth when you like...

In the next part we shall see a pattern emerging of forcible conversions, abductions and sexual exploitation emanating from the Dar-Al-Islam in every direction of the wind. The forcible 'marriage' of Rinkle Kumari is merely a cover for a even more sinister plot: sexual terrorism.

Continued in Part 2 - India


The Times of India: "Forced conversion of Hindus in Pakistan jolts US out of slumber"
"In a sharply-worded letter to Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari, Congressman Brad Sherman urged him to take action to ensure the return of Rinkel Kumari to her family, pursuant to reports that she had been abducted with the help of a Pakistan People's Party (PPP) lawmaker. In a case that has been widely reported in the liberal Pakistani media, Rinkel, who was abducted on February 24, was forced to marry one Naveed Shah and convert to Islam."
Let Us Build Pakistan: "Mian Mithu is innocent and is in dire need of further State cover"
"Why did Asha, (an alleged kidnapee) a girl of 15 yrs, chose to go with a Muslim man twice her age and already with a wife and four grown-up children than with her parents when allowed to decide for herself? If this is not love then what is?" 
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Left and Right Fascism: Reposting of The German Revolution

With everyone watching with utter fascination the ascent to parliament of the Greek fascist party, Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) with 6 percent of the vote, the time is ripe to set matters straight on some issues. That's why we are reposting an item today dating back to November 11, 2008, fresh as ever, on the forgotten German Revolution, its lessons and why it is important to be aware. For more introduction to this posting read "Fascism: the Secret Lessons of History Revealed" on pOmoLanD.

The present is a review of an episode in "The Orientalist" by Tom Reiss, a thoroughly and uniquely researched work that accounts hitherto less known historical and personal facts. Set during the interbellum, it chronicles a fascinating and remarkable story, encompassing four empires, three continents, three religions, two revolutions and two world wars. Earlier posts were "History Class: of agit-prop, revolution and terror!"

On Monday, 11th November 1918, delegates from the new Social Democratic government of Germany officially signed the armistice, ending Germany's part in the Great War 1914-1918. The Kaiser moved to comfortable exile in The Netherlands.

But mob rule reigned Germany. Leftist leader Emil Eichhorn, self-appointed chief of the People's Revolutionary Berlin Police Department - personally freed 650 prisoners from police headquarters at the head of a mob. Others seized newspaper offices, government buildings, stores, and telegraph offices.

The demobilising army agreed not to oppose the government, in exchange for a free hand in quelling the revolutionary unrest. The government took the responsibility and the blame for the humiliating surrender, while simultaneously delegating political power - the state's monopoly of force - to Rightist officers.

As the army demobilised in Berlin, all moral constraint melted away. Here's an account of artist George Grosz: "The city was dark, cold and full of rumours. The streets were wild ravines haunted by murderers and cocaine peddlers ... People denied all knowledge but whispered about secret manoeuvres by the Black Reichswehr or a newly formed Red Army." Bursts of machine-gun fire and hand-grenade explosions were common. Grosz: "Inhabitants (...) went up on the roof to shoot pigeons and people. Their sense of proportion (...) got misplaced."

Three hundred people perished each day from influenza alone. Demobilised soldiers started selling their weapons on the streets. Those who held on to their arms followed their unit commanders into Mafia-style, loosely connected militias, known as the Freikorps (Free Corps), a proto type of the later Waffen SS, but originally consisting of volunteers in the Wars of Liberation against Napoleon in 1813-1815.

It was more than just the Red menace which motivated the Freikorps, their originators being the ancestors of all guerilla fighters and revolutionary insurgents of the next century. An even earlier connection identified them with the Teutonic Knights. They were anxious to proof themselves worthy of the medieval battles in the East against Poles and Tartars.

The Western powers restricted the German military, but motivated by fear of the Soviet revolutionary threat, refrained from disarming and restraining the Freikorps. In 1919 the Freikorps spontaneously and without orders moved against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia - the same countries the Nazis re-invaded in 1941.

Despite their symbolism and ancestry the Freikorps did not succeed in turning the tide of the Whites against the Reds and descended on a city in chaos, armed to the teeth, wreaking havoc on the new republic.

The revolutionary neighbourhoods were attacked without restraint. The front was brought to civilian society. This maintained the fantasy that the war had not really ended. Unarmed civilians had become the enemy. It "was a lesson in local brutality and cold-bloodedness that prepared many of them for work as storm troopers or concentration-camp guards in the years to come."

A footnote provides an important psycho-pathological context: "Many returning soldiers, no matter their political disposition, would display signs of sociopathy. Homicides and rapes became commonplace in postwar Berlin, brutal acts committed by men with no previous criminal record (...)"

"The panic evoked in Germany by the fate of Russia drove so deep into the psyche of ordinary Germans that they could not see that the forces of the new Right were equally hostile to bourgeois values like law, order and moral restraint. The Freikorps ethic, every bit as revolutionary as that of the Bolsheviks, masqueraded behind a false aura of conservatism and pacification.

Real conservatives believed in the value of traditions, but the Freikorps believed exactly the opposite - for them, the Great War had proved that the morality and social structure of peacetime were corrupt and meaningless. The politics behind the war had been a fraud, but the fighting had been real, and in this reality, the 'New Man' of the Right-wing revolution was born."

Author of 'Storm of Steel' and 'Battle As Inner Experience' Ernst Jünger hailed the 'storm soldier': "the coming of a whole new race, smart, strong and filled with will, to save Europe from its liberal delusions". "For this New Man, as for the Red revolutionaries, the legal and moral foundations of society were mere bourgeois squeamishness. At the front, only the fundamental values of bravery, ruthlessness, and camaraderie mattered - and the fundamental precept of Freikorps ideology: all society is the front."

The more the Freikorps suppressed the revolution, the faster it spread. Bolshevik cells and councils (Soviets) sprang up in towns and cities across Germany. The Munich Soviet was led by a former mental patient who wrote threatening letters to the Pope and declared war on Switzerland for failing to provide a shipment of locomotives.

In April 1919 the Bolshevik triumvirate led by Lenin associates made an attempt to launch Red Terror. Bourgeois and local aristocrats (every locale was supposed to have one, in the absence of which the village headmaster was supposed to volunteer) were jailed, property was confiscated, opposition presses smashed and schools shut down - "though this was not a real Red Terror but more of Red Terror manqué. But in the event of insufficient ruthlessness on the part of the German Left, the German Right was only too happy to fill the void."

The Freikorps attacked Munich as if it were a foreign city. The Reds held the town for three days, at the end of which more than a thousand were shot, including seminary students.

The next year saw a coup by Dr Kapp and General Ludendorf. According to an anecdote Corporal Hitler came too late to join it. The ousted Social Democratic government being unable to turn out the Freikorps against the Freikorps, called for a general strike. This succeeded, sending the putschists fleeing to Sweden, upon which the Spartacists raised a 80,000 strong 'Red Army of the Ruhr' in order to seize the mining and heavy industry in that area. The reinstated Social Democratic government retaliated by setting the Freikorps loose on Berlin. The Reds in the Ruhr were crushed.

"Finally, the major disturbances ended, though street battles and small uprisings continued to break out in towns across the fatherland. In the spring of 1921" as the protagonist of "The Orientalist" crossed the border into Germany, the country had fallen into uneasy quiet ...

- More excerpts from Tom Reiss' "The Orientalist" on the history of the two Socialist movements in next posts.

- Up next: Both Sir Winston S. Churchill in "Memoirs of the Second World War" and Tom Reiss' in "The Orientalist" touch on one of the most colourful people of the interbellum, Hitler's Master of Ceremonies.

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Nations Are Rebelling Against EU Dictats: Will the Euro Survive?

The #FisCom is the Euro elites' final hope against the collapse of the common currency. It formalizes what was part of the Maastricht Treaty, that laid the foundation of the euro zone. It stipulated deficits must be no more than three percent of GDP. France and Germany were the first to jettison the requirement in the early naughties. Now it has come back to haunt them.

But the Fiscom does more: it requires governments to have their budgets checked and signed off by the overlord in Brussels before the national parliaments can put their rubber stamp. In effect, the core business of parliaments - the budget right - has been handed over to Brussels without so much as by your leave.

But now the entire EU appears to be rebelling against Frau Merkel's fiscal policy. Italy and Greece had their governments's replaced by EU technocrat hacks, the governments of the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Romania fell over austerity measures, while key country France seems set to replace Nic Sarko with the socialist Hollande. This is the overall status in various countries:

Greece - The new paradigm in the run up to the general elections on May 6 is the anti versus the pro bailout narrative running across the political spectrum. It leaves the main stream socialist party (PASOK) isolated. Greece looks set to elect a majority of parties against the bailout. The leader of the leading right-wing New Democracy Party has always refused to sign the troika's loyalty declaration, which is why Samaras' actions are eyed suspiciously.

Italy - Mario Monti, the troika-dropped techno bankster had this to say to journalists last week: "While budget discipline was needed, it must be accompanied by policies that drive economic demand". Fully on board the austerity drive, is Super Mario.

Ireland - Ireland, like Greece a bailout country. The last budget complies with the Fiscom rules. Neverthess Ireland is having a referendum on 31st May. So Merkel's 'consensus' of 25 government leaders could become 24. The latest poll bears out this scenario. The exit of a member state was always to be avoided at all cost. It was unthinkable even a few months ago.

Spain - Spain's independent provinces are giving the newly elected conservative Rajoi government a very hard time. Centralization would trigger a national revolt against the government in Madrid. Rajoi has already told Merkel where to stick the austerity targets. So he is negotiating about the ability to negotiate with the Fiscom.

France - Merkel's partner, Nic Sarko looks set to lose the presidential elections on May 6. His rival, Monsieur Hollande says he won’t join the FisCom unless Merkel agrees to set growth targets as well as austerity targets. So he will be negotiating  the scope of the FisCom.

Netherlands - After the right-wing minority coalition lost support of Geert Wilders following an austerity drive to get the country to comply with the FisCom, the rump cabinet joined forces with left-leaning red/greens to agree on an a package that does. It combines higher taxation without reforming the extensive subsidy program. Apart from a VAT hike set for October 1, nothing may come of the agreement, whose sole purpose seemed satisfying the Fiscom regulations. Elections will be held om September 12.The new coalition may well set other priorities.

Czech Republic - Like Britain the country has opposed the Fiscom from the get go. Nevertheless, the center right party in power has struggled in the face of repeated confidence votes, delaying reforms aimed at cutting deficits and debt. The austerity drive has angered Czechs and sent the cabinet's approval rating to an all-time low of 16 percent. The government did not survive last Friday's confidence vote.

Romania - Romania's left-leaning opposition will try to form a new government after torpedoing the centre-right cabinet in a confidence vote on Friday, the latest collapse of an austerity-minded ruling coalition in Europe.

Germany - There are calls for a referendum on the Fiscom and ESM and failing that, a constitutional challenge. The official situation is like this: the final vote in parliament #ESM and the FisCom is expected mid-June, shortly before the ESM is taking effect.

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Disease Control, Safety, Fear and Collective Rights

“What should they [the elite] regard as too obscene, since they held that all morality was a mere subjective byproduct of the physical and economic situations of men?… From the point of view which is accepted in hell, the whole history of our earth had led up to this moment.”  ~~  C.S. Lewis
The US and French Revolutions were based on two contradictory views of man. The motto of the French jacobins, Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood (solidarity) stands in sharp contrast to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (Property).

In the present dust up in the US, whether religious employers should be mandated to pay for contraception through health care coverage, the two perspectives are colliding head on.

Unintentional pregnancy is presented as a menace to society as a whole, a human tragedy on the personal level (Obama: girls shouldn't be punished with a baby), and perhaps wordt of all, as a burden on the environment (humansRevil). In both philosophies men are born equal, with a clean slate (tabula rasa), but from thereon the two views split irrevocably.

Whereas in individualism man's rights are inherent, based on Natural Law or endowed by God, in collectivism rights are temporarily bestowed by the state (or whatever collective is applicable). While in individualism man himself chooses his standard of morality, in collectivism it is the collective that is the yardstick. It is therefore not absolute, but fluctuates as the mores of society shift with time and under the pressure of activists. In the former it is man who is responsible for his actions made in free choice, in the latter it is the collective that assumes responsibility on his behalf.

We witness this shift of responsibility from personal to the public sphere time and again: in Obama, who is blaming Bush or just about everyone else for the disasters befalling the USA; Muslims are consistently refusing to take responsibility for deadly riots and acts of terrorism; Nazis and communists turned to scapegoating a discredited leader or a group, but never themselves or the ideology.

After birth, collectivism separates man from his actions. Responsibility for crimes, stupidities and/or any deviant behavior, is deemed a form of disease rooted in the collective which set the norm; the public body is accepting the responsibility on the individual's behalf.

This is how the Left is turning such private cases into a public issue, while going roughshod over individual liberty, the freedom of conscience and free speech rights: pregnancy, abortion, contraception, crimes, addiction of all varieties, eating and behavioral disorders, homelessness, poverty, autism, unemployment, depression, vagrancy, everything is disease! Disease paves the way for costs to be foisted on the public purse. Panic and fear emanating from health scares keep a population docile and responsive to white coated, authoritative control.

Once the separation of a person and his actions has been made, it is unclear what precisely constitutes this morally lobotomized non-being, but we have a name for a human without moral compass: we call it a sociopath. N.B. My interlocutor was shocked by this absolutism, but this is exactly what a person without morals is: a perfect moral relativist like Hannibal Lector. And they are surprised their therapies don't work!

Collectivists are proud of their work. Taking the moral high ground, they believe their system is much more humane towards criminals and deviants. The matter becomes acutely visible in the American versus the European criminal justice system. In fact the collectivist system is less humane than the collectivist thinks: in the moral system, once the debt is paid the slate is considered clean and the criminal gets a new lease of life. But in the demoralized, European 'disease' approach to crime, treatment may well be for life among the busy bodies in a mental institution with as huge lawn, a politically correct copper name plate, in a quite corner in the country. Psychotherapy is now known not to make a flipping ass's end of difference

The core of the radical dogma is equality at birth; during life compensation for the 'under privileged' and handicaps for the overachievers; ensuring absolute equality of outcome on the administration 'soft death', now well on it's way in Europe of becoming a 'right'.

While in individualism rights are limited to life, liberty and property rooted in the nature of man, to collectivists rights are bestowed by the collective on the basis of 'consensus' (whatever that may be): their definition of 'universality'. A philosophical irreducible primer is debased to a piece of paper signed by diplomats they call the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Muslim world didn't sign up to this 'consensus': they have endorsed a corrupted offshoot called the Cairo Declaration. So far, no one has woken up to the contradiction yet!

Hat tip: @republiektrien

Update: the Obama has now made cell phones a human right! You get them free with welfare! Hat Tip: @GoldWerewolf
Update: Not to be outdone - and there are probably many more cities and towns that follow in its steps - the northern Dutch city of Groningen is dispensing flat screen TVs to the unemployed. This is to remedy a collectivist disease called social isolation. More likely it's to ensure enhanced indoctrination by the lamestream media LOL Hat tip @VictorSterren

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Synopsis: "The Tragedy of the Euro"

"The Tragedy of the Euro" deals with the recent monetary history, from the banking crisis to the credit crunch in 2007/8 to the current euro and sovereign debt crises in 2011.

Philipp Bagus is a young economist and Professor at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. The Mises Institute has kindly released the booklet on PDF (download). It's assigned reading for all students of the (post)modern monetary system. The tome is concise, easy digestible, never boring and doesn't get overly technical. "The Tragedy of the Euro" reads like a who-done-it from cover to cover.

Two rival world views
The history of the EU is the battle ground of two rival, mutually exclusive views on Europe: the Classic Liberal, rooted in individualism is about economic freedom in a voluntary, economic confederation of nation states. The socialist vision is the opposite, and will eventually lead to full integration and central governance from Brussels. That view is laid out in the usual statist-collectivist shibboleths as 'solidarity' and 'social-economic policy'. It pushes for a political union which will inexorably lead to an end of the nation state, without as much as one European citizen ever having cast a vote for it.

The covert statist agenda
The political foundation of the European Monetary Union (EMU) is an economic disaster. An economic argument has been used to conceal the true agenda of the statists. Not for a moment have the proponents been able to convince the citizens of the advantages of the single currency (dispensing with money exchange on trips, or else World War Three will ensue). The euro is a facilitator of central planners, and of the French Empire, to curb the economic power of Germany.

Independence of the ECB?
It was the duty of the Bundesbank to ensure price stability, but the only stability the ECB is ensuring is increased inflation. It's independence has proved to have been a myth. The ECB is an auxiliary for the Commission's social economic policies.
Governments, banks, central banks and the ECB are caught in a revolving door. It's an organic entity. While shortsighted, democratic politicians and their makebility ideals have created the crises, they are demonizing capitalism, markets, neo liberalism, speculators, lazy Greeks, banks and lack of regulation. The crises have the statist fingerprint of deficit spending, confiscatory taxation, stranglehold regulations, control and inflation all over them.

Inflationary policies
The ECB has discretionary power to 'print' money, the virtual creation (QE) of fiat money. The ECB has recently lend banks 500 billion euros in 'new' money. That is after they covertly created hundreds of billions of new money in the 6 months prior. Originally this had to be done through the banks, but now the ECB has begun buying bonds with new money out right.

How does it work?
Banks create new money by buying government bonds and use that to finance the ECB. Governments finance sovereign debt with new money that has been created by banks and banks receive new money using bonds as collateral.

Bailouts of banks are nothing but the guarantee, that governments are good for their sovereign debts. Bailouts of countries are nothing but the guarantee that EZ governments are good for the debts of other EZ governments. Bailouts aren't corporate or transnational welfare, but the propping up of the currency with new money (and tax payers money).
Alternative solutions for the bank bailouts would have been available, but governments preferred throwing tax payer's money at the banks, covering corporate risks taken by the banking system; it set a self perpetuating, vicious debt machine in motion.

Unintended consequences
Governments do not even take the trouble of redeeming sovereign debts anymore. Bonds are simply rolled over and covered by new government debt paper.
Debt is used as collateral for financing new debt. A vicious debt spiral ensues.
Bailing out banks and governments encourage making more debt by a mechanism called 'the tragedy of the commons': no one feels responsible for public property. After exploitation it's simply written off.
As a result of inflation the interest on loans is going up, which deteriorates the situation even further.
The bailouts of banks as well as countries are a double moral hazard: as irresponsible banks and governments are aware of the financial safety net, they are taking risks they otherwise would not have taken.

Against the citizens
The fundamental human right to property is violated by purposefully inflationary policies. First and second users of new money benefit, everyone else pays the price as properties lose value.

Monetary policy is used as political leverage to remake Europe into the collectivist, statist vision.
The project isn't faltering by the lack of integration (although it is used for that purpose); it's because governments do not want the discipline of a standard value. They want unlimited deficit spending to buy elections. The policy is aiming at redistribution in favor of countries whose banking system inflate faster than others. It rewards bad behavior.
For the time being the political will exists to extend the route to self-destruction to its unavoidable end.

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- Pomoland: "Book: The Tragedy of the Euro"
- Vrijspreker: "Recensie: De Tragedie van de Euro" (Dutch)
- Zerohedge: "Inflation: An Expansion of Counterfeit Credit"

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