Saturday, April 25, 2009

Transnationalism: Manmade Disaster or 'Evolution'

In the present discussion with Carl Rove and John Bolton at Glenn Beck's we see the ongoing disaster known as transnationalism clearly presented as a manmade process: it is pushed by people and politicians with an agenda.

According to others a world government is the logical outcome as man progresses on his way through history and evolution.

This meme is the result of a two centuries old phantasy, a theory set out by the reactionary philosophers Kant and Hegel who saw it as the outcome of man passing through history, bringing himself on higher levels of morality through strife and struggle.

This dualism has come to us in the form of the Marxist dialectic, which was based on Hegel's dialectic. On that basis one might say, Transnationalism is world Socialism by the backdoor.

At least Kant had the foresight to accompany his prediction with the caution that this world government might well be the "greatest tyranny ever seen". This is the state of affairs in the Third Millennium.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama: Throw the Oppressed Under the Bus!

Read the entire Wall Street Journal article by Dan Hennenger also. The 'under the bus' theme has also inspired ZoNation on PJTV to great satire.

Steven Crowder's Answer to Homophobia

More by Crowder here. It's Getting Crowder website. Follow Steven on Twitter.

Dutch language speakers at a loss what's going on here can get details on De Dagelijkse Standaard.

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